Honeywell Smart Response Technology – A Genuine Review

Honeywell Smart Response TechnologyAre you looking for a fully functional programmable room thermostat that will update you on the state of your home? Or are you seeking to replace a faulty one in your home? Well…. Search no more as there is the new and highly efficient Honeywell Smart Response Technology thermostat. Since there are numerous brands on the market, it might be hard for you to choose among them. However, this here is a review of a high-quality thermostat that is equipped with amazing features to enhance its performance. It has programming options that are fully flexible and will always alert you when the internet connection in your home has gone off. It will alert you when the temperature in your house is to the extremes and also notify you when a filter needs to be changed. There are no monthly fees and you can control it through iPad, computer, Android, and iPhone. Below are some of the features that make this thermostat unique.

Honeywell Smart Response Technology features

Smart programmable room thermostat features

Flexible scheduling

In our opinion the Honeywell Smart Response Technologyis the best wireless thermostat that comes with smart and flexible scheduling. It is extreme flexibility unlike other similar products on the market. This flexibility allows you to program your device in a unique manner as either a business or home thermostat. It also gives features for scheduling specifically for your business or home. With this amazing, thermostat, you can be able to set the temperature that you would love when a room is occupied and this keeps off worries when you have a hot afternoon or a cold morning. This is the best thermostat as you can also select the temperature you want in a room that is not occupied in order to save energy.

Smart response technology

Other than scheduling, this programmable device will also offer you smart response technology. It can trace your cooling and heating cycles. This helps to give the appropriate temperature just like you need it. Another great thing about this thermostat is that it does not compromise your comfort and does not waste any energy. This is enhanced by the fact that it learns the amount of time that is exactly required to get to the appropriate temperature and acts according to that.

Reliable Wi-Fi control and operation

Auto alerts

This is the best thermostat that you will ever get since it gives you filter change and extreme temperature alerts. These reminders are communicated through the connected network devices. They are also displayed on the thermostat screen.

Total connect comfort App

Honeywell Smart Response Technology is highly rated and a reliable app. It gives you the chance to program the thermostat wirelessly from your smartphone, computer or tablet. This is regardless of whether you are in the next room, or at any point around the globe. You can thereby, with this thermostat, remotely manage and monitor the comfort of your home as well as the usage of energy anywhere, anytime. This great app is backed by a reliable network from Honeywell for peace of mind and dependable access. The app is available on Android and IOS devices.

Advanced control and comfort features

Locking touchscreen

This is the only thermostat you may want to consider when it comes to advanced password and locking feature options. This means that there will always be convenience and smart security provided. This classic thermostat also has an optional password protection. This is mainly for allowing the designated users to gain access to the locking options and security settings. To help you keep your thermostat clean, this Honeywell Smart Response Technology gives you a 30-second lockout. This means that this touchscreen device will not live with fingerprints.

Indoor humidity sensor

This thermostat displays the indoor humidity on the touchscreen. This can help you to control your humidifier to make the indoor environment the best.

Simple programming

This is a wire free tool. It has a manual free install as well as setup. It is, therefore, highly user-friendly.

Control comfort / Advanced fan

The best thing about this device is that it will help with the air circulation of your home or business. This leads to regulation of temperature all through your home.

On-screen comfort information

On the screen of this device, you can view the outdoor and indoor temperature as well as humidity information on its home screen.

Customizable color screen

Unlike other similar products on the market and the reason why you may want to consider buying this thermostat, it allows you to change the high definition display in an easy manner. You can select any color of your choice to display. You can customize the color to match your mood and also most importantly suit your home décor. Better still your favorite color can be that of your favorite team to show support.


· Highly affordable

· Works flawlessly

· Adjustable temperature from anywhere

· Easy to install

· Highly compatible with cooling, heat and heating pumps

· No batteries required

· Complements most house decors

· Saves a lot of energy

· Simple programming

· Can display various languages

· Comes with a 12/24 hour clock


· In order to operate the device, there must be a c-wire

· Cannot operate with 120-240 volts electric baseboard heat pumps

Final verdict

Everything has got advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to technology. However, to determine if a product is a great purchase or not, you educate yourself with good reviews on the advantages and disadvantages, then see what outweighs the other. In this parrticular case, the Honeywell Smart Response Technology thermostat has advantages that outdo the disadvantages making it a great choice when it comes to wireless thermostats.

From the review above, you can tell that you have more to enjoy than to regret about. Therefore, this wireless thermostat is worth every cent of your hard earned money. It is highly durable and this means that you will stay for a long time before going back to the market. Get this thermostat today and manage as well as control the indoor environment of your home/business, even if you are miles away. It is a device you will definitely love with no regrets.